Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton | Photo Essay

Today marks the first UK #YouthStrike4Climate. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, students all over the world are striking from school (#FridaysForFuture). The aim is to disrupt the education system in order to be seen and heard. By disrupting this system, which the future economy relies upon, we hope that governments will finally listen to our concerns and take action on climate change. Votes at 16 would be great too, so we didn’t have to miss school to fight for what we want.


About a month ago I joined a group chat of university strike organisers after hearing about an upcoming UK co-ordinated strike. I did some leafletting, social media, staff emailing – and watched in awe as many other students put together workshops/meetings/plans.

It’s been amazing to see how this movement has come together. All these people – from the young organisers, to everyone who turned up – are incredible.


This morning I ended up addressing hundreds of students through a megaphone, holding up a banner. I have never done something like that before: it was unrehearsed, and I was terrified standing elevated at Brighton’s clocktower. But nothing will ever compare to the amount of cheers that came after what I said. And after fellow student’s introduction. And all the way through Brighton on a march. And after each fantastic speaker at the following rally. It’s easy to feel alone in trying to save the planet sometimes but today was a reminder that this entire generation really, truly cares. And we’re all angry.

I hope the Youth Strike movement continues to grow each month in this country, as it is across Europe and the world. I can’t wait for March 15th. More images below!


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