A Brighton Love Letter | In Double Exposures

It is three days before Christmas, and fourteen days since I came home for the holidays, and one hundred and five days since I published a blog post here.

A lot has happened!

I moved to university, settled in, and fell in love with Brighton. There’s the side of Brighton I knew growing up – the pier, the touristy parts of the beach and the marina – then there’s my Brighton. The place where I now live. In my twelve weeks so far as a student there, I’ve found so many beautiful and wonderful places.

I wish I had captured them all on film. I wish I had used my film camera a lot more during first semester.

I just got the single roll I shot back from my developer, so I wanted to share some favourite parts I did capture. I am drowning in things like essay deadlines right now, so I can’t write much here about uni life so far. That’s for a later date. But for now I hope the images explain how much I love my student city.

When I got my images back I realised I took two near identical images. Without realising. One in my first week of semester; one in my last. How cool is that?!

Inspired by it (Kemp Street, below) I’ve made some digital double exposures.


kemp street – the rainbow houses i can’t help but snap every time i walk past


laines – my favourite corner; the film shop and the secondhand music store, just up the road from my record shop and vintage spots


campus – the library where i spend way too many late nights, and some of my other favourite buildings


brighton station – the forgotten about streets i wander through on my way to go shopping


campus – in three years, if i’ve done well enough, i’ll take my grad pic here 😉


lost in the laines – between vintage shops and the sea



the underpass / kemp street 


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