Hey, didn’t you have a book blog?

You probably know me from somewhere. I might be that girl who used to review lots of books and stand awkwardly in the corners of publishing events. Or I might be the photography enthusiast with the semi-regularly updated photo blog. Did I go to school with you, am I that girl with the good grades? Or maybe I’m the person behind the Tegan and Sara stan account who tweets self-depricating jokes. But wait, aren’t I the one on Twitter who doesn’t shut up about Jeremy Corbyn?

You’re all correct! And this is the thing.

For the last few years, I’ve been dividing up parts of my identity, creating new ‘personas’ for each part. (I even wrote about this on my book blog over a year ago)

  • When I started reading my dad’s review books at age eleven, I built a book blog that got weirdly popular for a while. I grew up reviewing books and meeting lots of authors and publicists at events my mum would take me to. I started writing on my dad’s WordPress account.
  • I went through numerous Tumblr accounts during my fangirl phase, adopting a new film franchise or TV series every couple months as something that totally defined me.
  • Around the age of 14 I came out to myself, but remaining closeted for a long time, I had nowhere to talk. I couldn’t – and it didn’t make sense to be- open on a book blog, so I made new accounts to reach out and make friends with like-minded young people to give me a sense of community.
  • I met my favourite person in the world on Twitter through Tegan and Sara, then spent a year or two in a crazy whirlwind of Tegan and Sara fandom. The whole lot: making edits, frantically downloading albums and buying merch, plastering their faces on my walls, travelling to see them live in London and Manchester. But you would hardly know that from my Twitter @GeorgiaReads.
  • By some miracle, I got very good GCSE and AS Level results. As a result of that, I’m regarded in a different way by a lot of people. I’ve become a bit of a workaholic. I’m constantly trying (read: struggling) to keep up that image even though the education system and linear examinations are an utter joke and make me feel like death lol help.
  • And in the meantime, I was setting up more accounts and blogs as I got into photography and started trying to turn a hobby into a career option.

Over the years, I’ve developed this unhealthy routine of literally being a different person depending on who I’m talking to.

Though I don’t think it’s been healthy, I am proud of the blogs I’ve built over the last few years. As I’m now aspiring towards a life in creative media stuff (photography, social media management, video production, alla that), the last few years have certainly served as epic journeys in teaching myself online skills.

2017 was a ridiculous year. I came out to the fam, met Jen in real life after talking on Twitter for so long, did my first paid photography work and wrote my last post on The Bibliomaniac, the blog I grew up writing.

So that leads us to here. The present. So much happened in 2017 that my – previously distanced – online images started converging. And truly, what is the point in being 4 people at once anymore?

So here is Gee. My new blog. A space for everything I want to talk about. This blog doesn’t have a set theme – something that was increasingly restrictive on The Bibliomaniac – but here’s a taste of some things that’ll pop up in the future:

  • music and books and film and television
  • stuff about my photography
  • travel and lifestyle
  • discussion about queerness
  • political rants
  • maybe the occasional essay
  • some video content too
  • a lot of opening up.

So… that was all the lengthy introduction. TL,DR? Here’s the concise version:

I’m Gee and this is my new space.



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